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Workday advisory services

CrossCountry Consulting works with organizations to prepare for the journey of a systems integration by analyzing and reimagining operating models and processes, migrating and harnessing data, and preparing for and navigating change. Our team has supported numerous clients to help them successfully adopt new technologies and prepare for growth.

As an independent advisor and business transformation partner, we offer complementary advisory services that fuel the efficacy, adoption, and resilience of a Workday implementation.

Maximizing the power of transformation

We make Workday a better experience at all stages of the implementation journey. Our experts collaboratively augment your team to guide you on the path to operational excellence within the Workday ecosystem to ensure maximum return, functionality, integration, and user experience.

Full lifecycle deployment support. Here’s how.

Pre-Deployment / Phase 0

1. Establish the future-state vision to drive value creation:

Drive efficiency, scale, and growth by mapping current-state people, process, and technology capabilities to future-state operations and corporate goals. Our transformation experts ensure your Workday investment is optimized for future productivity rather than simply replicating current processes.

2. Develop future-state technology ecosystem:

Develop a comprehensive systems strategy that ensures your technology stack is free of redundancies, cost overruns, and competing interests, making Workday a seamless, value-add, not just another tool in an already crowded ecosystem.

3. Educate and prepare for the Workday Foundation Data Model:

Leverage the multidimensional structure of Workday, giving you a framework to support your future-state vision and redesign your Chart of Accounts for more sophisticated transaction processing and reporting.

4. Gather requirements:

Understand stakeholder needs and translate them into a clear and concise set of requirements to be agreed and approved prior to implementation.

5. Design and execute a change management strategy:

Develop a technology and enterprise change management strategy with clear roadmaps, centers of excellence, communication plans, and visual dashboards.

6. Conduct a due diligence risk assessment:

Understand cyber and enterprise risk to build a risk management roadmap.


1. Execute the future-state vision:

Throughout planning and implementation phases, we maximize the participation and knowledge of decision-makers and key stakeholders to ensure outcomes remain consistent with initial goals.

2. Proactively identify and remediate challenges and dependencies:

Develop, test, and document new processes so all team members are equipped to move forward at all times, ensuring progress doesn’t stall and that unique risks are overcome.

3. Create custom training sessions:

Develops and conduct a comprehensive, targeted training plain to empower users, resulting in stronger buy-in, higher efficiencies, and a maximized investment.

4. Access critical hands-on support when needed most:

Use leading tools, professional expertise, and methodologies to expedite data-heavy tasks and make data conversion easier on internal resources.

After Deployment

1. Automate and optimize processes and controls:

Review current state across people, processes, and technology within the organization to identify key areas that would benefit from an automation program to drive efficiency, scale, and growth. 

2. Due diligence risk assessment or health check:

Validate the effectiveness of your risk program and align it to industry standards for complete compliance and risk coverage as regulations, your organization, and your technology stack evolve.


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