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ESG Reporting

Today’s accountability for tomorrow’s sustainability 

Enhancing and accelerating your firm’s ESG reporting capabilities requires expert strategy, implementation, and analysis from top accounting and risk management practitioners. Backed by leading industry and technology practices, we prepare you for the wave of current and emerging ESG disclosure requirements. 

Create future financial value today. Here’s how.

Define an ESG strategy that’s consistent with corporate culture and meets the requirements of regulators and investors

Benchmark against peer companies and leading practices via an in-depth strategy analysis. With greater insights into how and what competitors across different segments report on, you can properly align with relevant standards and remain ahead of emerging compliance requirements. 

Implement integrated technology solutions and reporting tools

Using the latest visualization tools, automations, and integrations, we help your organization streamline reporting to deliver faster, cleaner, aesthetically appealing ESG insights. With enhanced visibility into current and projected metrics, you gain the backend architecture necessary for controlled and repeatable ESG reporting. 

Architect an ESG reporting and disclosure framework that meets current and emerging regulatory requirements

Create a future-ready ESG program by identifying appropriate reporting standards to follow (e.g., SASB, ISSB) and the metrics to report on beginning with a comprehensive framework designed by CrossCountry.  In addition to developing a framework, our team assists in sourcing ESG data, determining suitable reporting cadences, and creating reports across key formats and communication channels (Form 10-K, Annual Report, Sustainability Report, website, proxy, etc.). 

Establish an organizational structure that supports ESG governance and engagement

Standing up and maintaining an effective and compliant ESG program requires the right people, processes, and culture. We make actionable recommendations on the staffing, skills, organizational alignment, and board of directors’ involvement necessary for the efficacy and resilience of your ESG function. We can also develop and implement initiatives that embed DEI into company culture.   

Create appropriate controls to ensure the accuracy of ESG data

For those already issuing ESG reports, our team can evaluate, develop, and/or test controls supporting data used in ESG reporting. We also assist Internal Audit groups in testing the governance process around ESG reporting, including metrics framework and reporting and data collection. For those starting their ESG journey, we implement the processes to compile, report, message, and elevate your ESG data for its maximum utility in all areas of the business internally and to external parties. 

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