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Corporate Functional Leaders

Creating value and operational efficiencies across the business

Senior leaders across corporate functions are responsible for ensuring seamless integration throughout the business and that their teams are operating efficiently and generating and protecting enterprise value. Adding to their scope, they must also understand what transformational strategies, technologies, and risk-mitigation plans are required for long-term success.

With specialized teams spanning risk and operations, we serve as trusted advisors and hands-on team members to C-suite leaders across the business.

Integrated Risk Management
Representative Client Titles
  • Chief Audit Executive/ Audit Committee
  • Chief Risk/ Compliance Officer
  • Chief Information Security/ Data Officer
  • Chief Legal/ Privacy Officer
Our Solutions
  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Transformation
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Technology Risk
  • Finance & Compliance Risk
  • Strategic & Operational Risk
Representative Client Titles
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer

Create future financial value today. Here’s how.

How do I ensure my internal audit or risk management functions keep pace with changes in technology, regulation, and economic drivers?

Risk transformation begins with understanding and evolving with the latest threats, regulations, and best practices. Using automation, analytics, and other tools to innovate, automate, and optimize risk management across the entire business, we help your organization evolve from document-centric to data-centric programs. This includes providing technical expertise, leading practices, and critical audit services to the internal audit function and building agile enterprise-wide risk management strategies that are consistent and enforceable.

How do I mature and evolve my cybersecurity and privacy policies, processes, and programs in alignment with the risks to the business?

Your organization’s core assets are the people, data, and digital technologies required for operation. While they are your greatest strengths, they’re also prime attack vectors, introducing significant risk to the business, your customers, and your vendors. A mature cyber posture begins with robust Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) that enables you to identify, prioritize, and remediate risks, control gaps, and regulatory issues. Our team establishes this baseline and executes advanced stress tests on all cyber and privacy controls, capabilities, processes, and procedures to learn from and outpace real-world threats.

How do I build a value-based cost structure that aligns to our strategic vision and generates sustainable savings?

Functional budgets are often created via an annual copy-and-paste exercise that varies little year to year. When looking to optimize costs, executives might set targets and then find the money within their department. This approach can generate cash, but incrementally. Our zero-based approach starts from cash and challenges companies to think differently with their spending. We help you design a budget that is materially lower (30%+) and based on what you really need to enable the strategy, including better sourcing, vendor rationalization, and continuous automation throughout key business processes.

How do I make sure my HR processes, organization, and systems are enabling employee engagement, minimizing risk, and supporting our company’s growth goals?

A scalable business model requires the right infrastructure and talent, meaning employee needs and financial priorities must align with organizational goals. Central to this aim, we architect an innovative HR operating model with efficient business processes and organizational structures coupled with optimized HR technology and user-friendly tools. From this base, we implement effective workforce and succession-planning strategies that drive productivity and engagement for on-site, remote, and hybrid workers while enhancing controls, rationale, and opportunities for compensation and payroll transformation.

How do you create present and future value for your business?

Unlock core business value from a suite of integrated solutions expertly designed for organizations like yours.

Accounting & Risk

Anticipate and respond to complex regulatory and reporting requirements.

Technology-Enabled Transformation

Accelerate enterprise performance through people-led digital transformations.


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