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The Office of the CFO has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years. From being seen traditionally as a back-office function to now being at the center of many strategic corporate initiatives, the Office of the CFO has one of the most challenging and dynamic roles across the organization.

We partner with the Office of the CFO on complex, transformational initiatives and day-to-day operational improvements. Our teams bring new ideas, leading practices, and technical know-how to help CFOs and other corporate leaders solve their most pressing business issues and set the foundation for future success.

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How do I modernize my finance function?

Due in part to the ever-changing market landscape and technological advances, the finance function’s role continues to evolve to drive strategic business partnerships within the organization. Finance must measure costs and create value and service levels while providing the support that matters most to the business – all while being asked to do more with less. We help our clients meet complex objectives through the transformation of their organization, processes, and technology. Whether it’s a large back-office transformation or an enhancement of a single process or application, we partner with our clients to improve the efficiency and service delivered to the organization while reducing cost and manual overhead.

How do I rapidly integrate the finance function of a recent merger?

There are many aspects of a finance function that need to be included if merged entities will truly come together and achieve the benefits of their newly increased size and synergies in a timely manner. Our team of professionals works with companies to ensure their mergers are founded on strong strategy, attention to people matters, dedication to speed, and frequent communication with every stakeholder group throughout the process. Our team of dedicated merger integration practitioners works at both the deal level and in the functional areas to ensure close collaboration, resulting in the quickest integration possible.

How do I know if I’m ready for an IPO?

Because it provides a tremendous opportunity for growth, the idea of executing an IPO is thrilling for many private companies. We are well-versed in all the considerations that go into the decision to be a listed company. Our professionals have helped companies emulate a public company before going public; address all control, accounting, and technical issues; and consider the need to put in place a specialized team to successfully guide the process. By having well-defined processes and expert guidance, the path to going public becomes shorter and easier to navigate while helping to avoid excessive legal and accounting costs.

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