Technology-Enabled Transformation

Technology Architecture & Strategy

Build and manage a robust integrated systems architecture 

To fuel long-term success, technology and operational leaders need a strategy to plan, implement, and maintain an ecosystem that can support multiple business functions, reduce overhead, and streamline processes. Our technology systems specialists collaborate with key stakeholders to understand your technology needs, build expert roadmaps, evaluate today’s marketplace solutions, and implement technology sustainably and confidently.

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Define a technology strategy based on business drivers for an optimal, integrated technology ecosystem

Building an effective business and systems strategy starts with outlining key objectives and mapping out what an ideal future state looks like and how to get there. Through discovery workshops, collaborative discussions, and key technical analysis, we understand and document the gaps and pain points in the current systems architecture and identify technology enhancement opportunities that create immediate value while enabling future change and growth.

Conduct market analysis and develop RFPs to evaluate and select best-fit solutions

A refined shortlist of leading technology solutions and ancillary applications helps orient further conversations and decisions on how your organization can best weigh the advantages of each option. Our team develops this list based on your strategic objectives and specific business needs and provides guidance on benefits, risks, and opportunities for the broader group of decision-makers to formally evaluate and confirm which solution(s) may be a best fit to evaluate for implementation.

Evaluate vendors and build consensus on the solution best aligned to support current and future needs

Through a structured, objective vendor evaluation, we support clients by facilitating use-case demonstrations that showcase critical functionality weighed against the organization’s core requirements. Feedback is collected and aggregated to inform consensus-building discussions and final decisions. When a software provider is ultimately selected, we can provide key negotiation support during the contracting process to drive savings and ensure all requirements are met.

Accelerate go-live with strategic implementation and resource planning

Our project and resource plans guide you through the full deployment process with key insight into the various complexities and nuances expected during the implementation, the level of effort required by all teams, and a methodology for addressing any gaps in resources or skill sets. Implementation readiness activities can also include planning for organizational readiness, technical readiness, financial readiness, and risk mitigation.

Access expert project management for all impacted stakeholders and parties

For complete end-to-end support, we provide expertise and capacity to ensure project management best practices drive successful implementations. Our proven tools and templates set up the implementation for success, including key non-configuration activities such as testing, data conversion, business process design, change management, and cutover planning. These services help support the organization during the implementation to drive efficiency and mitigate common risks.

Optimize the post-production environment for maximum financial and human capital efficiencies

After go-live, there are subsequent opportunities for software upgrades, new applications, and practical integrations to ensure your technology stack continues to work for you, not against you. As your organization evolves, the ongoing optimization of your systems ecosystem can reduce unnecessary spend, automate manual processes, and free-up staff to engage in higher-value strategic activities.

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