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Continuous disruption and technological innovation like AI, Web3, and 5G are forcing Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) executives to be future ready at all times. Our team of TMT subject matter experts delivers the integrated, value-added solutions you need to drive growth, manage change and risk, and meet customer needs.  

Create future value through innovation today. Here’s how.

Analyze and extract insights from data for faster decision-making and simpler risk mitigation. Implementing the latest automation and analytics software, we empower you to develop strategic insights at scale and develop models for key metrics, such as annual recurring revenue, and improve operational efficiency without adding headcount or cost. 

Expand and optimize your risk strategy to meet compliance and internal control requirements by developing tailored risk programs for each development stage of your organization. We drive audit readiness and advise CIOs on mitigating IT risk in practical language TMT leaders and boards of directors understand. 

Design an operating model and corporate infrastructure that supports global ambitions and scale. We help TMT CFOs navigate complex financial and accounting environments, build meaningful revenue and KPI models, and meet the evolving needs of regulators, customers, and investors. We also prepare companies for audits by handling industry-relevant issues like software revenue recognition, capitalized software costs, stock-based compensation, and debt/equity transactions. 

Embed cybersecurity and data privacy programs into the architecture and culture of your data-driven organization to protect proprietary software, customer information, and intellectual property.

Balance near- and long-term transformation objectives without sacrificing either. We simplify the complexities of managing multiple initiatives and help you weigh the trade-offs between competing project deadlines while setting your organization up to be agile end-to-end. 

Know what to address and when with our strategic planning framework that prioritizes critical processes and tasks. We bring clarity to decision-making, stakeholder involvement, and internal controls. 

Unlocking real-world value for clients

Expert internal controls and compliance program implementation for one of the world’s largest live-streaming services.

How do you create present and future value for your business?

Unlock core business value from a suite of highly integrated solutions expertly designed for TMT organizations like yours.

Accounting & Risk

Anticipate and respond to complex regulatory and reporting requirements.

Technology-Enabled Transformation

Accelerate enterprise performance through people-led digital transformations.


Manage transaction lifecycles for maximum deal value and minimum risk.

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