IPO Readiness

Optimize the public company journey

Meeting greater regulatory scrutiny, operational complexity, and profitability objectives simultaneously can delay public-company readiness. Built with cross-functional expertise in corporate transactions, risk management, program management, accounting, and reporting, our IPO Readiness experts deliver a full suite of public filing and advisory solutions that maximize value and minimize risks. 

Create future financial value today. Here’s how.

Meet all milestones with transaction governance, planning, and program management

To maximize efficiency, adhere to critical milestones, and successfully complete a transaction, we integrate effective project management, program management, and change management practices into the IPO journey. This process includes a framework for communicating and resolving issues, dependencies, and risks as they arise so that your governance structure fully supports and advances your transaction goals. 

Capitalize on expert, detailed support for accounting and financial reporting functions

Newly facing rigorous SEC and financial reporting standards, your company requires the controls and procedures to remain compliant without adding more complexity and work to internal staff. We integrate financials, establish accounting policy, and develop the reporting standards needed for a public company, fully augmenting your core accounting and finance teams. 

Navigate your new risks with robust controls, risk remediation, and SOX program implementation

As you enter an expanded risk environment, your risk management practice must scale in expertise, coverage, and collaboration across all areas of the business and third parties. Using a custom risk management framework, we enhance your risk posture by optimizing internal audit plans, implementing SOX programs, conducting cybersecurity and privacy assessments, and engaging in threat intelligence and attack simulation exercises. 

Be ready on day one with future-state operational design planning and implementation

By collaborating with external auditors, internal stakeholders, and third-party providers, we prepare and implement Day One operational readiness plans that pave the way for post-transaction success. To ensure a smooth transition into being a public company, we develop a model for your future-state business functions and transfer knowledge to appropriate leaders so they can seamlessly implement and manage new technology systems and integrated architectures. 

Pursue continuous post-transaction optimizations for accelerated growth without adding cost

To maximize the value and momentum of the post-IPO period, we identify and operationalize additional optimization opportunities. Based on the needs of your business, this might include integration of intelligent automation and data analytics programs, ongoing financial reporting, or business process optimization where relevant.  

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