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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Belonging at CrossCountry 

At CrossCountry, we embrace and value our individual experiences, capabilities, talents, and perspectives by fostering and promoting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to creating a culture that celebrates authenticity, offers equitable opportunities, and embraces diverse perspectives among our employees, clients, and stakeholders. We are intentional with our actions and have thoughtful initiatives around building communities, giving back, creating awareness, training, and setting and measuring our objectives.  

Employee Resource Groups

The Black Employee Network (BEN) exists to raise cultural awareness and recruit, retain, and reinvest in the Black community across the firm. 

Foreign Nationals & Immigrant Allies (FNIA) supports and retains foreign nationals across the firm while fostering understanding, bridging cultural gaps, and building a community promoting global diversity. 

BOLD attracts, develops, and retains top Hispanic/Latinx talent and shares Hispanic/Latinx culture with people of all backgrounds to promote cultural diversity and awareness. 

The Military and Veteran Support (MAVS) group aids veterans and military families across the firm and the community while sharing lessons learned from their military experience. 

The Network of Asian Professionals and Allies (NAPA) group recruits, retains, and invests in the Asian and Pacific Islander staff across the company. 

The INoW group inspires women with diverse backgrounds to foster new connections, lead with compassion, and empower and celebrate each other. 

The PRIDE group promotes awareness and education, fosters understanding, supports the broader LGBTQIA+ community, and helps shape our firm’s culture of inclusivity and advancement for all. 

Giving Back

Inspiring through intentional impacts.

As part of our continuing effort to support local communities in the U.S. and globally, our employees work to help provide time and financial contributions to diverse organizations that target various aspects of humanitarian and philanthropic work through our annual Day of Service and giving campaign period.

Training & Education

Education is foundational to our broader Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy and further enhanced by creating opportunities for meaningful conversations, awareness, advancement, and connection. By providing ongoing DEI learning opportunities and facilitated trainings for our employees, we remain committed to making intentional impacts and cultivating a culture that promotes equity across the organization.


We are committed to increasing diversity and cultivating a workforce representative of our global reach. By implementing strategic recruiting processes and establishing partnerships with minority-serving organizations, we focus our efforts on increasing diversity in candidate pipelines and adding to our evolving culture and varied perspectives

National Partnerships

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“The most beautiful person an individual can choose to be is themselves. At CrossCountry, we strive to create a community where employees can work and live authentically. Our DEI efforts ensure that our employees are celebrated and accepted based on their unique perspectives, abilities, and experiences.” 

Iman Stenson, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager 

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