Technology-Enabled Transformation

Human Capital Transformation

Implement HR innovations for a scalable, people-focused culture

Attracting and retaining key talent and building a scalable business model around the employee experience are critical priorities in an era where change has become the norm. Our team of cross-functional experts delivers a suite of services to enhance the employee experience, implement innovative operating models, optimize technology, and enable strategic workforce planning.

Create future value through a better employee experience. Here’s how.

Reduce turnover, increase engagement, and hire strategically by transforming the employee experience
  • Develop the Vision: Partner with leadership to define the ideal employee experience across each phase of the employee lifecycle 
  • Define People Strategy: Establish infrastructure to support strategic objectives and organize teams for optimized operations 
  • Enhance the Employee Journey: Define leadership’s vision for innovative employee-development programming, such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), mentorship programs, and career progression plans 
Create an optimized operating model with updated business processes, efficient organizational structures, and firmwide alignment
  • Develop a Business Plan: Analyze existing operating model, policies, processes, and infrastructure and develop the business case to transition to an optimized future state 
  • Innovate Operational Delivery: Identify and implement opportunities to modernize functions across HR, Payroll, Compensation, and Finance 
  • Manage Change: Establish a framework for preparing, managing, and reinforcing change that aligns with organizational values and culture 
  • Outsource Planning: Assess functions that can be managed in-house against the benefits of outsourcing 
Optimize existing HR technology and data, strategically select new systems, and implement automation tools to drive efficiency
  • Design Processes: Develop business processes that optimize operations and align with technology deployments 
  • Data Management: Ensure leaders and stakeholders have comprehensive people analytics to drive strategic decision-making 
  • Automate: Implement intelligent automation to increase capacity and customer service while reducing risk and manual intervention 
  • System Selection: Partner with the company to determine better-fit technology solutions and develop technology consolidation plans 
Build a scalable workforce and succession-planning strategy that engages virtual and on-site staff around the world
  • Workforce Strategy: Align people and teams with business objectives to ensure flexible resourcing solutions as business evolves 
  • Operational Priorities: Develop tools to establish controls and proactive planning in coordination with Finance and FP&A 
  • Tactical Solutions: Assess job architecture, compensation structure, and other inputs to support strategic planning 
  • Future of Work: Create high-productivity, high-engagement models for sustainably managing staff in hybrid and virtual work environments 
Align employee needs and financial priorities through continuous improvements of compensation, payroll, and total rewards
  • Compensation: Refine compensation structures and associated job architecture to ensure compensation controls protect the organization from fraud.
  • Payroll: Identify pain points in payroll processing to drive efficiency and strengthen controls. 
  • Total Rewards: Conduct assessments of total rewards, including benefits and variable comp plans, to determine market competitiveness and strategic improvement opportunities. 

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