Use Case

When a globally diversified conglomerate desired diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) metrics to be compiled, visualized, and reported in an all-in-one dashboard for executive leadership, it turned to CrossCountry Consulting.

The dashboard output required importing and consolidating human capital management (HCM) data from multiple data source types. Because the company’s methodology for calculating DEI metrics was intricate, it added further complexity to the creation of functional data visualization formulas.

In addition, while the dashboard’s core audience was executives, it also needed to be distributed to multiple individuals with varying levels of access and designated roles.

Our Approach

With deep expertise in data visualization, data analytics, and executive dashboarding, the CrossCountry team provided the client with significant guidance on how to leverage data visualization applications to maximize its DEI data.

This included:

  • Leveraging Power BI to transform and load HR data from multiple tables within the HCM tool to feed data visualizations.
  • Displaying actual DEI performance metrics versus targets to drive quick decision-making for executive leadership.
  • Creating complex calculations through Microsoft’s Data Analytics Expressions (DAX) language, bringing together key DEI data fields from multiple sources.
  • Developing drill-down pages where end users could view high-level data visualizations and investigate underlying details.
  • Configuring dashboard security within Power BI Service to ensure all users had appropriate access when reviewing their respective data.

Our Impact

With a comprehensive DEI dashboard capable of tracking performance goals over time, the client was able to make data-driven DEI decisions for all operating companies with the enterprise.

And with HR and DEI data becoming key sources for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and benchmarking, the client’s dashboard made visibility, transparency, and reporting more seamless.