At a time when 43% of finance leaders are first and foremost seeking to drive greater efficiencies and insights via their current processes and another 31% are primarily aiming to elevate the finance function as a strategic contributor to the organization, the OneStream Splash™ Global User Conference & Partner Summit couldn’t have arrived sooner. 

Bringing together finance and industry experts from around the world to inspire, educate, and connect – with a key focus on OneStream’s Intelligent Finance platform – the conference featured a series of breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, and drop-in demos calibrated to the pulse of the modern finance professional. 

Several of CrossCountry Consulting’s Enterprise Performance Management leaders joined the event to discover and decode the latest complexities the finance department faces, such as accelerating transformation and building a high-performing finance process architecture. 

An Expansive and Intuitive Platform Experience 

Among some of the key highlights of the event included: 

  • OneStream is launching SensibleGPT, which embeds ChatGPT functionality into the platform. This innovation should enable users to interact with the platform more seamlessly and conversationally. 
  • OneStream announced enhancements to Sensible Machine Learning, expanding the AI capabilities in the tool and making forecasting more accurate.  
  • OneStream will allow partners to create solutions on the platform that can be sold to other customers or partners. This is a fantastic opportunity for partners to monetize their expertise and improve their OneStream return on investment. It also expands the breadth of applications and use cases the average customer can expect to gain all within one platform. 
  • OneStream announced CPM+. While conventional ERPs “run the business,” and CPM “manages the business,” CPM+ “steers the business” by leveraging financial and operational data, allowing decision-makers to lead the organization from the front with the most actionable, comprehensive data possible. 

Maximize your OneStream investment with an expert implementation and advisory partner

Simplify and align enterprise performance management processes like financial consolidation, reporting, planning, analytics, and more.

These additions and improvements to the core OneStream offering are complemented by robust AI services designed for stakeholders inside and outside the OCFO. This AI suite can promote greater trust and collaboration between departments, generate transparent yet flexible forecasts, and deploy ML models across the business for a variety of use cases. 

As innovation in the corporate performance management space advances further, organizations of every industry and size will be empowered to work seamlessly as one forward-moving unit rather than as disparate teams inching toward siloed goals.  

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