Use Case

A global manufacturing leader sought to centralize key financial functions in a new shared services center with the goal of process consistency, enhanced efficiency, and eventual automation. While attempting the migration in-house, the company quickly fell behind schedule and was finding it difficult to align relevant stakeholders and manage the multiple workflows inherent in a shared services model implementation.

The company engaged CrossCountry Consulting to deliver on the original project roadmap more effectively and to help support the business case for a shared services model.

Our Approach 

Once briefed on the project’s current state, CrossCountry’s process improvement, change management, and technology implementation experts set out to course-correct the migration from the ground up. The team quickly stood up a project management office (PMO) to oversee the multiple workstreams involved in migrating processes from multiple entities and locations to one offshore center.

Additionally, the team:

  • Delivered a business case for the client’s strategy for selecting a shared services model, inclusive of a comprehensive evaluation of proposed solutions.
  • Conducted research on potential sites and prepared detailed analysis to support location strategy for the shared services center.
  • Delivered a resource plan to meet the program needs and provide appropriate expertise to execute the implementation of the shared services center.
  • Designed a roadmap to optimize, standardize, and automate processes.
  • Helped the client to engage with key stakeholders throughout the process to ensure buy-in and support for the significant changes to their operating model were secured.

Our Impact 

With a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current- and future-state operating model, the CrossCountry team was able to work efficiently across multiple functional areas and directly with multiple decision-makers within the client’s organization. Despite originally being three months behind schedule, the project quickly accelerated due to CrossCountry’s extensive expertise in program management and shared services migrations.

CrossCountry enabled the client to meet its planned milestones and gain stakeholder support when it matter most, allowing the client to regain traction in the project. With a clear roadmap to centralize financial functions with consistent processes and enhanced efficiency through automation, the client had the alignment, inputs, clarity, and vision to move forward in its goal of establishing a shared services center.