Financial Services

Define and Transform Your Operating Model

We collaborate with banking and asset management firms to define and transform operating models, automate processes, implement compliance frameworks, improve data quality, implement technology and manage the rapid change that is the hallmark of financial services firms.

Industry Expertise

Banking & Capital Markets

Assisting banks, broker-dealers and fintech companies in risk, compliance, operations, finance, accounting and technology.

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Asset Management

Serving hedge funds, private equity firms and traditional asset managers across operations, accounting, technology, portfolio analytics, investor relations and fund administrator interaction.

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Topical Expertise

Anti-Financial Crimes
AML policies, risk assessments, testing, remediation and KYC automation
are all part of our Anti-Financial Crimes offering.
Robotic Process Automation Strategy
We assist clients in selecting the processes that are suitable for automation – such as KYC screening and reconciliations - as well as the appropriately sized and priced automation or RPA technology.
Our Cybersecurity solution encompasses the risk assessment, framework development and governance components that financial services firms require to deal with cybersecurity threats and to stay regulatory compliant.
Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) is a huge change in how lenders need to account for potential
credit losses. Our CECL implementation methodology helps clients navigate the policy, process
and technology changes that CECL will bring.
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Our Services

Financial services clients aim at defining and transforming operating models and business processes, as well as implementing technology architecture and compliance frameworks, required to thrive in an environment of rapid change.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

Our professionals possess a unique blend of financial services industry and consulting knowledge allowing them to transform a high-level business strategy into the detailed project plans and work streams required to operationalize strategies while deploying project management methodologies to ensure scope is managed and initiatives are delivered on time and within budgets.

We offer end-to-end consulting services that financial services firms require to thrive in an environment of rapid change.

  • Financial Services Technology Advisory – Select and implement technology across the financial product lifecycle to meet your requirements and achieve scalability. View brochure.
  • Finance Optimization – Optimize your operational accounting processes, accelerate the accounting close and improve the organizational structure to enable a stronger partnership with the front office.
  • Operations and Process Improvement –  Assist you in assessing the current state of your operations to help define and achieve the desired future state. This includes the review, documentation and design of processes and organizational structures.
  • Program Management –  Coordinate all aspects and phases of a project through a Project Management Office (PMO).  Manage project governance framework to support informed decision-making; identify, escalate and prioritize key issues and project risks; and develop and manage a detailed project and communication plan.


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Regulatory reform, increased capital requirements, more stringent risk management and enhanced reporting requirements are issues that financial services firms face.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

We assist in defining and delivering a future state environment to meet these challenges by facilitating the creation of a target operating model and then using that model as a framework in developing the individual work streams and detailed project plans needed to operationalize the model.

Our team possesses a unique combination of process reengineering, data management and report development capabilities that helps you achieve near-term and long-term compliance objectives.

  • Regulatory Compliance – With ever-changing regulations such as CCAR, FATCA, Dodd-Frank and Basel III, we help you understand their impact and assist in operationalizing changes required for compliance.
  • Risk Management We work with you to understand you business, discuss your goals, evaluate the unforeseen risks and facilitate the application of common sense risk management strategies.
  • Cybersecurity – Our cybersecurity team is drawn from the best of government and private sector firms and provides risk assessment, framework development and governance services that you require to deal with cybersecurity threats and to stay regulatory compliant.
  • SOX and Internal Audit – We bring a risk and control mindset as part of our co-source or outsourced assistance in control definition, SOX testing, internal audit planning and execution.


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The roles of the CFO and Controller have never been more important. CFOs and Controllers are operating within dynamic and global economic environments and continue to face a myriad of challenges.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

Our teams are armed with practical engagement experience enabling production of high quality deliverables while navigating efficiently through the challenges that consolidation accounting, external audit, financial planning and accounting systems can bring to your accounting function.

  • Accounting Standard Implementation – Help you stay ahead of accounting standards change, including researching, documenting and operationalizing complex accounting revisions.
  • Financial Reporting – Assist you with increasingly complex compliance and regulatory requirements and ensuring you are agile enough to respond to more complex accounting guidance (FASB, IASB, AICPA, SEC), financial reporting standards and stringent external audit requirements.
  • Operational Accounting Drive continuous improvement across all aspects of operational accounting, including monthly close, budgeting and financial analysis.
  • Corporate Transactions – Manage and implement changes to financial reporting, operating models, financial processes, systems and controls to help you plan and execute the steps associated with a variety of transactional events.


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No financial services firm can achieve success without high quality data.  We have a tried and tested methodology for delivering data governance, data management and data quality initiatives and can assist in making the data come to life thru analytics and visualization.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

Our accomplished team of data experts uncover the critical governance needs and apply customized solutions and methodologies to optimize and control your data assets throughout the data lifecycle.

  • Data Management – We help design an effective data management framework, implement best practice methodologies and gain consensus on roles and responsibilities across the three lines of defense.
  • Data Governance – Many companies struggle to fully unlock the value of data due to a lack of clarity about where data resides, how data relates to the business, who owns data and how the data can and should be used.  We assist in creating data governance frameworks that serve to answer these questions and turn data into tangible business value.
  • Data Analytics/Business Intelligence – Business Intelligence (BI) enables organizations to optimize decision-making, performance and risk management through improved access to, and analysis of, information. BI organizes and analyzes data in a way that allows companies to generate impactful reports, identify patterns and drivers, predict outcomes and visualize results.


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Case Studies

Global Investment Bank
Learn about how we helped our client resolve data quality issues and produce their
CCAR reports with a much lower level of manual intervention
Global Investment Bank
Learn how we helped our client comply with Regulation D as they were facing regulatory fines with regards to classification of accounts as either transaction or non-transaction
Asset Management Firm
Learn how we helped our client significantly enhance their ability to report on fund/property level
performance for both current and potential investors
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