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Banking & Capital Markets

Build risk resilience and digital agility for the future 

In response to regulatory changes, increased competition, and heightened focus on scalability, financial services firms must generate new value from modernized front and back offices. Through collaboration with banking firms, we help organizations transform operating models, automate processes, implement compliance frameworks, improve data governance, integrate technology solutions, and meet accounting requirements.  

Create future financial value today. Here’s how.

Develop required risk assessments, frameworks, and governance for maximum threat readiness and data protection.  

Comply with emerging regulations via sophisticated ESG strategy, implementation, and reporting services designed to increase data quality, standardize metrics, and promote corporate confidence. 

Achieve bank efficiencies across all business functions and technology by modernizing infrastructure, migrating to the cloud, and leveraging advanced data analytics, process automation, and business intelligence.

Navigate financial crime regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) through expert program assessment and remediation, model design, validation and testing, and automation. 

Implement a robust cross-organizational governance framework that ensures critical business operations and services are agile to disruption and reputation risk is mitigated. 

Achieve capital planning efficiency with control testing, stress testing, process automation, and an enterprise-wide data governance framework consistent with BCBS, including CCAR and DFAST compliance for larger institutions.  

Unlocking real-world value for clients

Targeted business process engineering and data remediation drive CCAR compliance for a global investment bank.

How do you create present and future value for your business?

Unlock core business value from a suite of integrated solutions expertly designed for organizations like yours.

Accounting & Risk

Anticipate and respond to complex reporting and regulatory requirements.

Technology-Enabled Transformation

Accelerate enterprise performance through people-led digital transformations


Manage transaction lifecycles for maximum deal value and minimum risk.

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