Use Case 

When a global information technology company desired a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program review, it engaged CrossCountry Consulting on a number of key initiatives. 

The client sought: 

  • Its first Sustainability Report. 
  • A standalone Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) report. 
  • To stand up an ESG committee with representatives from Human Resources, Facilities, Supply Chain Management, IT, Privacy, and Legal. 
  • Recommendations for enhanced ESG reporting and process controls. 

Our Approach 

CrossCountry leveraged its extensive experience in program management, maturity assessments, benchmarking, and governance to successfully: 

  • Evaluate ESG Program governance and its 2020 and 2021 (draft) Sustainability and 2020 DEI Reports.  
  • Inspect documentation to support accuracy of 2020 disclosures and verify consistency with disclosures within public filings and on the external website.  
  • Compared 2020 and 2021 (draft) Report disclosures to metrics from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) ESG frameworks. 

Our Impact 

Resulting from CrossCountry’s efforts, various goals were achieved, including: 

  • The accuracy validation of key qualitative and quantitative disclosures by mapping to underlying data.  
  • A comparative analysis of SASB disclosures and GRI metrics. 
  • An ESG Maturity Assessment audit program, workpapers, and audit report. 

With these reports and conclusions in hand, the client was able to make meaningful progress on its ESG program initiatives.