Use Case 

A global education company faced a looming ERP challenge: within the next 36 months, the ERP provider was reducing vendor support.

That meant a significant upgrade to the current system or an entirely new provider would likely be necessary. In both cases, the company sought to avoid business disruptions and change-management complications related to the internal processes and applications to which staff had grown accustomed.

For expert support in strategizing and selecting a new system, the company turned to CrossCountry Consulting.

Our Approach  

The business transformation specialists at CrossCountry took a multi-faceted approach to assessing the company’s current systems, evaluating alternate options in the market, and choosing a solution to replace the existing ERP. The project included:

  • Ranking the process’s capabilities against our maturity model to assess performance.  
  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders to document a comprehensive view of the current-state systems, processes, and pain points across the Finance, HR, and IT functions.  
  • Completing a market assessment of applications to replace the current ERP platform.  
  • Performing a total cost of ownership analysis to decide whether to upgrade the existing platform or implement a new solution.  
  • Creating an RFP that provided background on the organization, technology objectives, current-state operations, and detailed use cases for vendor evaluation.  
  • Working with potential vendors to ensure understanding of the client’s challenges and ensure that they were well-prepared to address the key client concerns.  
  • Preparing a selection briefing and working with the client to negotiate with each vendor and select a preferred solution.  
  • Recommending an implementation strategy with proposed timing, resources, and phasing. 

Our Impact  

Our expertise in legacy and leading solutions, including the benefits of multi-tenant cloud solutions, brought a level of excellence that resulted in IT and business stakeholders making an informed and collaborative decision. 

With all due diligence occurring, the company was able to address its ERP challenges proactively and ensure operations were set up for future-state optimization. CrossCountry’s methodical approach to vendor selection and strategy proved immensely advantageous, with all stakeholders, consultants, and workstreams functioning in full collaboration.