The GameStop Corporation, a video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, is the world’s largest video game retailer, operating approximately 4,400 stores around the globe.  

With a long history of using Coupa to automate and optimize nearly all facets of Business Spend Management (BSM) dating back to 2018, GameStop has continuously added new modules and applications over the years, making Coupa the system of choice for Procure-to-Pay, Expense, Invoice Automation, New Vendor Onboarding, Sourcing, and Contract Lifecycle Management. Since the initial go-live, the growing use of Coupa has included:  

  • Expanding to all stores in 2020 (nearly 3,000 retail locations).​ 
  • Adding Coupa Expense in 2021 (U.S.).​ 
  • Adding Coupa Expense in 2022 (Ireland)​. 
  • Transitioning from Great Plains to SAP in August 2022​. 

As the use cases and subsequent implementations of Coupa accelerated, GameStop deepened its partnership with Coupa, resulting in:  

  • Utilization by 20,000+ Coupa users (16,000+ expense reports/month). ​ 
  • 700,000+ invoices annually. ​ 
  • 13+ integration points with SAP S/4. 

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How We Helped

In August 2022, GameStop implemented and went live with SAP S/4 Hana as the financial system of record and was interested in evaluating platforms that could better support spend management functionality. After conducting an extensive review and assessment of Coupa versus SAP Ariba, GameStop ultimately selected Coupa as the BSM application of choice given the following selection criteria:   

  • Coupa Supplier Portal is free (Ariba supplier portal is not). ​ 
  • Invoice automation existing within Coupa for cXML invoices and InvoiceSmash. ​ 
  • Open API to support integrations with existing systems (direct spend occurs in SAP, indirect in Coupa)​. 
  • SuiteSynergy of New Vendors, (New Vendors, Request, Contract, Invoice, Expense, Payments). ​ 

With a new BSM application, CrossCountry Consulting and GameStop conducted a 9-month project to support the required Coupa changes to transition ERPs to the new financial system, SAP S/4 Hana.  


“CrossCountry supported us in all Coupa-related aspects of the ERP transition,” noted Nathanael Pearson, GameStop’s VP of Global Accounting Shared Services. “Their team partnered with our internal resources to ensure a smooth conversion for Coupa, including all aspects to support a successful data migration, ensuring there was as little impact to the end users and suppliers interacting with our Coupa system.” 

The success of the rollout helped GameStop capitalize on:

  • A cohesive systems architecture that considered existing and emerging applications and ERPs (SAP, inventory, etc.).
  • Rigorous test integrations and data conversions, supporting 24,000 POs cutting over during the SAP transition.
  • SuiteSynergy, one system for Request, PO, Contract, Invoice, Expense, and New Vendors that resulted in less disruption and change management for end users.
  • Supplier and end-user friendless, with all invoicing occurring in a single location and the ability to use mobile functionality as necessary.

With a solid ecosystem supported by CrossCountry, GameStop continues to use Coupa for end-to-end BSM and regularly optimizes and enhances the system application for new Coupa functionality within each major release.