Use Case 

A multi-location vision care provider needed to redesign its back-office infrastructure so that it could fully support future growth without adding headcount. Parallel to this objective, management also wanted to improve data quality and process outputs but lacked the time needed to perform certain functions. 

CrossCountry Consulting was engaged to build robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that would mirror the actions of employees who traditionally:

  • Made journal entries.
  • Performed routine claims processing and cash application.
  • Performed three-way matching for invoices, purchase orders, and goods receipts.

Automating these tasks enabled the company to optimize its back office with reduced overhead. 

Our Approach 

CrossCountry worked in collaboration with stakeholders from each client department to assess all relevant processes in detail, including pain points and data quality challenges.

Once aware of the full scope of problems, our team of RPA experts designed more than 20 automations in various areas of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Accounting, and Procure to Pay processes.

Additionally, the team established a Center of Excellence (CoE) to guide and scale the RPA program so that our work had greater longevity even after the initial engagement. CrossCountry continues to support in various ways, including providing post-production support over existing automations that require fixes, updates, or enhancements.

To help track the sum total performance of the automations, the team put into place a monitoring mechanism that collected data on:

  • Hours saved.
  • Money saved on employee costs.
  • Transactions processed.

This allowed the client to measure return on investment.

Our Impact 

CrossCountry’s impact was multi-dimensional and led to additional windfalls throughout the business in the form of:

Speed and Quality  

  • Exponentially increased the speed and accuracy of transaction processing.  
  • Improved data quality and processing consistency across the RCM and purchasing function.  

Financial Savings 

  • Achieving nearly 5X Return on Investment (ROI).  
  • Currently saving 55K labor hours and ~$1.3M in labor costs annually. 
  • Retaining ~$4.75M in revenue annually by timely processing claims to avoid costly write-offs. 

Positioned for Scalable Growth  

  • Positioned the company for revenue growth and geographic expansion without needing to expand headcount to process increasing transaction volume.