Blockchain & Digital Assets

Manage Risks and Challenges Associated with Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets

More and more companies are expanding their use of blockchain technology within their business processes as well as using digital assets as an additional investment mechanism on their balance sheets. While the introduction of new technology and asset classes creates opportunities for efficiencies and diversification, it also leads to new complexities, risks, and challenges.

How We Can Help

  • Complex Compliance Requirements: Federal and State regulations around blockchain and digital assets are challenging to interpret and constantly changing. We can assist by ensuring your company is operating within and prepared to adhere to these regulations.
  • Use Cases & Blockchain Selection: Many organizations are still exploring the best uses of blockchain technology. We provide strategy & selection assessments for blockchain technology solutions as well as an assessment on best use cases for your business.
  • Cybersecurity: Blockchain technologies are surprisingly vulnerable and highly attractive to cyber threats. We provide advanced penetration testing, application security, and red teaming for blockchain and digital asset technologies.
  • Financial Statement and Accounting: Digital assets are challenging to value and classify within the financial statements. We provide digital asset classification services and guidance on accounting standard interpretation and policy creation.
Blockchain Technology

Service Offerings

Accounting Advisory >

We help companies with their digital classification needs, accounting policy creation, finance support, and finance function development.

Risk & Compliance >

We help support blockchain system control implementation assessments, internal audit assessments, and SOC readiness.

Cybersecurity & Privacy >

We help companies design and operate more secure, resilient, and trusted digital asset ecosystems via security testing, DevSecOps and secure application design, and privacy and data protection strategy and technology.

Business Transformation >

We help design and implement blockchain pilots and implementations and KYC and AML processes. We can leverage intelligent automation and data analytics to improve current business processes.

Case Study: A Public Digital Payments and Exchange Firm

Learn how CrossCountry's team of blockchain experts provided testing, preparation, and validation services for a public digital payments and exchange firm.

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