What fuels enterprise digital transformation?

We asked over 300 Finance and IT leaders.

Here’s what we found.

Finance and IT Alignment is Critical to Enterprise Transformation Success

In a recent survey of over 300 Finance and IT executives, 95% of the respondents agree that the two departments require a close and strategic partnership to successfully drive transformation across the enterprise, but a lack of knowledge-sharing and alignment complicates their ability to streamline end-to-end processes and technology.

What other barriers impede their progress? And more importantly, what are the key success factors to accelerating transformation? In this Forrester study commissioned by CrossCountry, we assessed the state of enterprise digital transformation and found:

  • Silos persist between Finance and IT and throughout their organizations.
  • Successful cross-functional alignment requires mutual accountability and investment in scalable technology-driven platforms.
  • The most important outcomes of successful transformation include improved security, innovation, and customer experience.

Read the full study for other key insights, including where Finance and IT have differing viewpoints and recommendations for instilling cross-functional alignment to effectively drive digital transformation across the enterprise.

Key Findings

43 %
of CFOs are leading enterprise transformation strategy and execution.
95 %
agree that strategic alignment between Finance and IT is critical to transformation success.
65 %
agree that silos exist between Finance and IT and 62% agree they exist across the organization.
52 %
believe shared accountability and a simplified cross-functional platform experience drive alignment.
“With the AI evolution and budget pressures due to the macroeconomic uncertainty, it is now more important than ever that CFOs and IT executives strategically align, as this study indicates.”

Tom Alexander, CrossCountry Partner