Why CrossCountry Chose to Deploy Workday


Our story is no different than many other mid-sized growth companies.

Many organizations struggle with reporting and data tracking in their legacy systems, and CrossCountry’s story is no different than many other mid-sized growth companies. Over the past ten years, we have implemented a myriad of systems to meet the very specific needs of our organization at that point in time, resulting in different processes to manage resource management, accounting, human resources, performance, expenses, recruiting, and invoice approval management, as well as a number of offline processes that consolidate data to create reports or to complete certain measures.

On this page, you can hear directly from our C-Suite to learn more about their specific challenges, why we chose Workday, and how it will improve their day-to-day lives.


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Our solutions worked for a while. But as we have grown, they began to hold us back.

We could not get timely and accurate
information from our systems.

Our eight legacy systems simply did not talk to each other, causing our team to spend a lot of time re-keying out-of-sync data into various applications. This created significant process inefficiencies, delays in completing tasks, and inconsistent data.

Not all of our legacy systems
could scale with us.

What worked when we were a 500-person company will not work when we double or triple our headcount; our requirements next year will be different than today. We needed a solution that can evolve with us and change quickly.

Our employees needed to interact
with too many systems.

In new employee orientation, our colleagues are introduced to eight different applications they need to use for their day-to-day operations. They all look different, feel different, and have a learning curve. We needed a simpler, all-in-one solution.

Combined, our legacy solutions
were expensive.

Each of our systems have license or subscription costs, maintenance costs, and take time away from our team to maintain. When we added up all of those costs and inefficiencies, we realized that we could do better.

Learn how CrossCountry is benefiting from Workday from the perspective of our leaders.

Amy Bjarnason, COO

“Instead of training our employees on how to use 5 different systems, we now have to only train them on one – and that is Workday.”

Amy Seibel, CFO

“Workday will offer us true insight. We will save alot of time so that we can free up our resources to do more exciting things.”

Juliana Mastroianni, CHRO

“Being able to access all of our employee information quickly in Workday will be critical as we push forward to meet our targets.”

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