Mergers & Acquisitions

To aid an organization in realizing the transaction’s objectives, CrossCountry offers a comprehensive, tailored approach throughout the lifecycle of an integration. We leverage our experience across accounting advisory, business transformation, risk and compliance, and technology solutions to help clients maximize value from the due diligence phase through post-integration optimization.

Our team partners with you to enable, lead and manage merger and acquisition integration activities, providing an optimized roadmap and resource plan to efficiently transition to a profitable post-integration state. Our methodology focuses on integrating the critical financial, operational and technology-related functions of the business in order to maximize efficiencies, while minimizing risks.

Merger & Acquisition Readiness Complexity Considerations

The dynamic and evolving world of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) offers companies the opportunity to grow exponentially, increase their customer base, enter new markets, gain economies of scale and purchasing power, and dominate segments and industries. They also come with complex risks and complicated integration issues that cannot be overlooked. Has your organization considered the following?

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Our Service Offerings

Through program/project management, we help our clients successfully plan and complete complex strategic transactions. We incorporate change management and communication best practices to maximize efficiency and value, and to ensure effective communication.


We support the Accounting and Financial Reporting functions and help clients address SEC requirements by integrating financials, establishing accounting policy and procedures, and developing reporting standards for the integrated company.

  • Evaluate and prepare SEC regulatory requirements
  • Support the accounting and financial reporting functions to integrate financials
  • Establish accounting policy and procedures, and develop reporting standards

As organizations embark in these transactions, the risk universe will change dramatically. We evaluate the organizational changes through the lens of your risk management framework including impacts to the internal audit plan, internal control environment and cybersecurity threats.

  • Internal audit plan modification
  • SOX program implementation and optimization scope
  • Integration and pre-deployment controls assessment for business process and IT controls
  • Cybersecurity and privacy assessments
  • Threat intelligence and attack simulations

We prepare and implement operational readiness plans, including for system integration and control environments. We ensure readiness by coordinating with external auditors, internal stakeholders and third-party providers.

  • Future state functional operating model design
  • Operational readiness planning and knowledge transfer facilitation
  • System integration planning, data conversion, testing execution and management
  • TSA design and management
  • Analyze, monitor, and drive change to achieve targeted synergies

We assist both the acquirer and acquiree with identifying post-transaction optimization opportunities within operating models, business processes, and systems and control environments that can grow with the business without adding cost. We also develop integration playbooks to share best practices and guide future M&A initiatives.

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