Financial Services

CrossCountry Consulting provides end-to-end consulting services for Asset Management and Banking & Capital Markets clients.  We specialize in defining and transforming operating models and business processes as well as implementing technology architecture and compliance frameworks that financial services firms require to thrive in an environment of rapid change.

Our professionals possess a unique blend of financial services industry and consulting knowledge allowing them to transform a high level business strategy into the detailed project plans and work streams required to operationalize strategies while deploying project management methodologies to ensure the project scope is managed and initiatives are delivered on time and within budgets.

Our solutions include:

Financial Services firms are among the leaders in implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate structured and repetitive processes.  As part of our RPA Solution, CrossCountry assists clients in selecting the processes that are suitable for automation as well as the appropriate automation technology.

Cybersecurity for financial services firms is not only an absolute necessity, it is also regulator mandated.  The SEC, CFTC and NY Department of Financial Services all have either existing or proposed regulations related to cybersecurity and general business continuity planning.  CrossCountry’s Cybersecurity solution encompasses the risk assessment, framework development and governance components that financial services firms require to deal with cybersecurity threats and to stay regulatory compliant.

Be it CCAR, risk reporting, analytics, financials, call reports or 10K’s, financial services firms have realized it all comes back to having reliable data.

This is where our Data Services offering comes in, supporting  Data Governance, Data Management and Data Analytics programs.

Banks regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) are now required to submit an annual certification of their Transaction Monitoring and Filtering programs.  Our blog series can help you get started.

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