Accounting & Risk

Cyber, Privacy & Technology Risk

Making data and technology secure, trusted, and resilient

Data and digital technologies power today’s organizations, but evolving threats to these core assets continue to create risk. We help cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance leaders manage threats, strengthen and stress-test controls, and maintain regulatory compliance across the entire digital ecosystem. 

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Understand and prioritize threats for robust Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Security and privacy assessments help you identify and prioritize risks, control gaps, and regulatory issues – the first step toward reducing digital risk and increasing trust and assurance. We conduct and deliver: 

  • Threat and risk reviews
  • Program and capability assessments
  • Compliance readiness
  • IT, cybersecurity, and privacy audits
  • Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)
  • Executive and programmatic support
Create actionable, pragmatic strategies for security architecture

We work in close partnership with you to build fit-for-purpose strategies, plans, roadmaps, and architectures that materially reduce risk, improve control effectiveness, and keep pace with leading practices. Areas we support include: 

  • Security program roadmaps and operating models
  • Resiliency planning and exercises
  • Zero-Trust strategy
  • Security architecture services
  • System selection, implementation, and advisory
Safeguard data, protect privacy, and foster customer trust

To strengthen trust and assurance with customers, partners, and regulators, we design, develop, and implement sophisticated privacy and data protection programs, including:

  • Privacy framework design and implementation 
  • Data discovery, classification, and protection 
  • Privacy by Design 
  • Managed privacy programs 
  • Privacy regulatory readiness
Secure your applications, code, and cloud

We apply elite security architecture, engineering, and operations expertise to protect your web and mobile applications, cloud environments, native code, and software. Areas we support include: 

  • Secure cloud migration and strategy
  • Secure cloud architecture and design
  • Cloud security control implementation
  • DevSecOps and secure SDLC
  • Secure application design
Test, learn, and improve to outpace threats

Harnessing a deep understanding of real-world digital threats, we stress test your cybersecurity and privacy controls, capabilities, processes, and procedures. This approach generates compelling insights about how an actual adversary would attack your company before it actually occurs. Areas we support include:

  • Red teaming 
  • Penetration testing 
  • Threat modeling

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