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The Cybersecurity Landscape is Ever-Expanding

More than ever, companies are seeking common sense cybersecurity and privacy solutions. Cybersecurity adversaries are more sophisticated than ever, threats can no longer be managed by technology alone, and consumers have greater expectations around data privacy.

Business leaders must move their organizations forward to strike the right balance between risk management and business opportunity. CrossCountry partners with organizations to design, assess, and execute sound cybersecurity and privacy programs that ensure alignment of cybersecurity and privacy enablers including people, processes, and technologies.

Combating the Most Complex Cyber & Privacy Challenges

We offer a balance between pragmatic business understanding and deep cybersecurity expertise to combat the most complex cyber and privacy challenges.

Our team is nimble, analytical, and forward thinking, connecting our people and offerings to the latest digital threats.

We maintain an incomparable culture within our organization, matching strong technical skills with fantastic personalities and professionalism.

Our Services

Your security program may look great on paper, but how well does it protect your organization against real, live adversaries? There is no better way to answer this question than to imitate the behavior of those adversaries and test your organization’s defenses.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

CrossCountry has a highly skilled and experienced team that specializes in emulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of today’s threat actors.

  • Adversary Emulation – Mimics a sophisticated threat actor targeting your organization and pursues the threat actor’s likely objective (e.g., money movement, intellectual property theft, or payment card information). This type of testing demonstrates the impact of a breach to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Red Team – Tests your organization’s ability to detect a stealthy attacker before the attacker gains control of your network.
  • Purple Team – Similar to a red team exercise, but the purple team collaborates with your defenders (blue team) throughout the engagement, helping them to better tune their systems and processes to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks.
  • Penetration Test – Finds as many vulnerabilities as possible and provides recommendations for remediation.
  • Vulnerability Scan – A first step towards securing a network, web application, or enterprise. Uses automated vulnerability scanners to identify patching issues and other “low hanging fruit.”


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Data breaches and system outages are top of mind for leadership and Boards, and as cloud-based solutions become the standard for most organizations’ key initiatives, effective and sustainable cyber capabilities are vital. Organizations need to ensure that they are taking advantage of the existing cyber capabilities within their organization, as well as taking the next step and utilizing emerging technologies and automation to ensure that their environment is maintained, monitored, secure, and able to expand to meet growing business demands.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Cloud Security Architecture Strategy, Design & Implementation – Help you build a modern, secure Cloud environment with cutting-edge technologies to make sure you get the most out of your environment.
  • Cloud Cybersecurity Capability Assessment – Help you understand how new cloud services such as continuous monitoring, identity and access management, encryption, and application development operate, and implement them in your environment.
  • Cloud Security Controls Framework Design – Deliver cloud controls assessments to understand if your current controls will be effective in a cloud environment, identify any gaps or mismatches, and work with you to develop an improved roadmap.
  • Cloud Risk Assessment – Build cloud risk assessment frameworks and take risk-based approaches to assess both new and old presented by cloud environments and capabilities.
  • Identity & Access Management – Support clients by assessing and defining key business use cases for a Cloud IAM program, identifying opportunities for taking advantage of cloud-native capabilities, and developing streamlined and automated IAM processes in cloud environments.
  • SEIM (Security Event and Incident Management) and Continuous Monitoring Implementation – Identify SIEM requirements, design monitoring strategies for cloud environments, and implement logging and monitoring solutions to ensure that the new capabilities of cloud platforms are covered.


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There is no denying that privacy and data protection continue to go mainstream. International and domestic privacy laws are increasing in number, and a global pandemic has meant that countries and private corporations alike are collecting more sensitive data than ever before.

As these trends continue, many companies are struggling to identify the nuances in privacy laws and how to best implement a program that is flexible enough to adapt. Each regulation comes with additional reputation and regulatory risk, increased consumer rights, and enhanced focus on how companies use personal data as a commodity. These complexities only compound the need to implement a strong privacy and data protection program.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

We help our clients build, operate, assess, and transform their privacy programs to meet stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements, build a privacy-aware culture, and, ultimately, do the right thing when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

  • Privacy Program Design and Implementation – Help design the right plan – strategic and tactical – to build a privacy program that addresses privacy and data risks and goes beyond regulations and compliance requests.
  • Data Classification and Protection – Identify high-value assets and critical data elements to put privacy teams one step ahead of malicious actors and allow business units to make smarter and more strategic decisions based on the right data.
  • Regulatory Readiness – Provide our clients with the tools they need to gain comfort that they are implementing the right people, processes, and technologies to avoid legal scrutiny.
  • Outsourced Privacy Program – Provide the right team of privacy compliance and data protection experts to build and operate a mature privacy program and then transfer ownership to the right stakeholders to improve how your organization identifies and protects its most sensitive data.
  • Privacy Technology Enablement – Implement the latest tools and technologies to support your privacy program.


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Aligning cybersecurity with organizational strategies and priorities is key to enabling business and serving as a trusted business partner. Building consensus on cybersecurity goals, objectives, and requirements throughout the organization is a strong start; however, managing and reporting on progress is equally as critical. Cybersecurity teams must work side-by-side with business partners to align roadmap activities, implement technologies, promote a cyber-secure culture, and grow teams to enable sustainability.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

We assess existing capabilities and develop strategies to implement enhancements that ensure the alignment of people, processes, and technologies to support cybersecurity and privacy objectives.

  • Strategy Development – Work directly with security leadership to determine current cybersecurity capabilities and understand future goals to develop a strategy that improves security operations and drives growth.
  • Roadmap Alignment – Create tactical roadmaps that break down complex issues into manageable, time-bound tasks, enabling alignment with strategies, goals, and objectives.
  • Staffing and Capability Assessments – Evaluate whether organizational structures enable effective cybersecurity and privacy operations, while also ensuring that dedicated resources have the technical knowledge to support existing and emerging technologies, risks, and threats.
  • Technology Enablement – Provide governance and oversight throughout cyber and privacy technology selection, build, and roll-out processes, ensuring high adoption and effective use of system capabilities.
  • Training and Awareness – Build a cyber and privacy-aware culture through people-first training and awareness programs.


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Who are the adversaries targeting your organization and how are they likely to attack you? How can you distil an overwhelming amount of information into useful, digestible, actionable intelligence?

How Can CrossCountry Help?

CrossCountry’s team provides threat intelligence and helps you build or manage your own in-house program. CrossCountry’s threat modeling process maps likely adversary actions against your security program and evaluates your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Threat Intelligence – Help your organization build, optimize, or supplement your in-house threat intelligence program including training employees, improving processes, and selecting and configuring intelligence tools. We can also provide threat intelligence to meet specific requests, such as obtaining sensitive data lost in a breach or profiling threat actor trends and techniques.
  • Threat Modeling – We have developed a threat modeling framework (based on MITRE ATT&CK and NIST 800.53) that helps you understand the specific threat actors your organization faces, how they are likely to attack, and how well your security program counteracts those threats and identifies areas for improvement.


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Achieving sustainable cyber risk management is more than just a compliance exercise; it is also an opportunity to take a fresh look at processes and identify opportunities to better align with industry standards. With no end in sight to the ever-changing regulations and technology capabilities that drive effective cyber risk management, organizations should be thoughtful about the most effective way to integrate risk management activities in their baseline operations and extract business value from them.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

Our team uniquely brings deep technical expertise and a foundational risk management mindset to every engagement. We help our clients build and assess against tailored risk management frameworks, and then pivot to partner with cybersecurity teams to increase the maturity of each capability by directly addressing the gaps and improvement opportunities identified.

  • Risk Management Frameworks – Develop and assess against streamlined and tailored frameworks, inclusive of industry standards, regulatory requirements, and company policies.
  • Risk and Maturity Assessments – Measure an organization’s cybersecurity and maturity posture while identifying risks and improvement opportunities, ultimately enabling teams to make the risk-based decisions necessary to protect critical data and systems.
  • Program Documentation – Optimize cybersecurity program documentation to ensure that audiences understand why requirements exist, what those requirements are, and how those requirements should be met.
  • Cyber Third-Party Risk Management – Define requirements, build procedures, and establish monitoring mechanisms to ensure that third parties have adequate cybersecurity and privacy controls in place to protect data and reduce IT risks.
  • Business, IT, and Cyber Resiliency – Develop, test, and mature resiliency programs to enable continuity and recovery of critical people, processes, and technologies in the event of an incident or business disruption.
  • Identity and Access Management – Identify business and technical requirements, develop documentation, define business use cases, streamline and automate processes, and facilitate communications as it relates to key IAM (Identity and Access Management) capabilities.
  • Application Security – Establish security requirements and perform application and code reviews to identify vulnerabilities and risks prior to release.
  • Insider Threat – Build and uplift insider threat programs through stakeholder identification and involvement, new documented processes, and implementation of comprehensive tool stacks to help identify and protect against insider risks.


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Client Testimonial

“CrossCountry has proven to be an excellent partner for our strategic security initiatives.”

Mark Fitzgerald, Chief Information Security Officer


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