At CrossCountry Consulting you design your own career. We recognize that employees have different goals and visions of what they wish to do and how they want to advance in their careers. Based on our commitment to keep our people happy, engaged, and learning, we have created distinct career paths that will enable consultants to explore their unique strengths and apply their personal and technical skills.

CrossCountry currently provides two career tracks for its employees to allow for enhanced recruitment, development, and retention.  Each of these tracks has a dedicated Competency Framework to guide employees in his/her development.

  • The Practice Leadership Track emphasizes outstanding quality service coupled with firm and project management, business development and employee coaching and developing.
  • The Technical Track addresses the need for specialized consultants whose primary focus would be on technical client delivery over business development or practice leadership.


Create Your Path

Wherever your aspirations lie, the possibilities at CrossCountry will allow you to meet your career objectives.

Coaching & Development

We hire the best people – the brightest and most passionate. We nurture and develop them to reach their full potential as leaders, subject matter experts, and as mentors for others.

We offer the tools and training necessary for you to excel in your career. We empower you to achieve your goals and become a leader in your respective area. Collaboration is at the heart of how we operate and our leaders and coaches are always accessible and available to provide guidance, feedback, support and to share knowledge.

Coaching Families

At CrossCountry we are invested in our people’s development and career. We do this through ongoing formal and informal coaching as well as continuous training opportunities.  Our Coaching Families and Buddy Program are designed to provide each employee with an assigned professional advocate to mentor and guide them as they continue to develop and progress in their careers.

As part of our Performance Management process, formal coach and coachee meetings happen at three stages throughout the year:

  1. Annual Goal Setting
  2. Mid-year Review
  3. Year-end Review


Additionally, candid, regular feedback, in formal and informal ways are shared at the project, client account, and Service Line levels.

Learning & Training

Professional development, through formal and on the job training, is our commitment to you. We offer online training, instructor led courses, and a training curriculum covering key topics across the spectrum of consulting skills, technical areas, and leadership development.

Our Coaches work closely with our people to develop training plans and goals that will equip them with the tools and knowledge to succeed on their projects and advance in their careers.