The cybersecurity landscape is ever-expanding. Adversaries are more sophisticated and organized. Threats multiply faster than technology alone can manage. Business leaders must move their organizations forward amidst a virtual gridlock of compliance requirements and evolving risks in order to continue to innovate while reducing risk and exposure to emerging cybersecurity threats. The changing regulatory landscape, increased cybersecurity scrutiny and public perception emphasizes the need for companies to increase visibility over their risks and drive a culture of compliance while also reducing compliance costs. More than ever, companies are seeking common sense risk management and compliance strategies to strike the right balance between risk mitigation and risk taking.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

CrossCountry’s cybersecurity team offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you improve the way you manage your cybersecurity risks and meet complex compliance requirements. Drawing upon the experience of our professionals, we employ methodologies that are strategic, forward-thinking and practical to keep your business objectives clearly in focus. CrossCountry’s team of cybersecurity professionals bring real-world experience, practical advice and sustainable solutions in the areas of cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance, technology and risk advisory, and fraud and investigation services.

Our Cybersecurity services include:

  • Cybersecurity Governance
  • Framework Implementation
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • CISO Advisory
  • Cloud Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Awareness & Training
  • Business Continuity Planning & Testing
  • Application Security & Penetration Testing

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