Accounting Policy

CrossCountry assists clients with complex accounting policy research and implementation in all areas of US GAAP and IFRS. We have assisted clients in various industries with accounting issues around consolidation (including analyzing VIEs and determining primary beneficiaries), derivatives, business combinations, impairment, troubled debt restructurings, bad debt and loan loss methodologies, foreign currency accounting and others. We can provide outsourced accounting policy support for an organization as well as “one-off” accounting guidance.

As well as offering solutions in general accounting policy areas already listed, CrossCountry has built a market leading team to offer our clients high quality industry insight and implementation solutions for new accounting standards such as revenue recognition, lease accounting and CECL.  Accounting policy is a rapidly changing world, and CrossCountry’s team of ex-Big 4 and industry leading accountants will help your accounting function stay on top of current changes and those which will inevitably come further down the line.

CrossCountry understands the difficultly in keeping up to date on all accounting standard changes and requirements to ensure your business is performing and operating within all relevant guidelines. CrossCountry has a team of highly experienced technical accounting professionals that can provide invaluable guidance and assistance to understand the impact of updates to accounting policies and assist with the approach and implementation of new and emerging standards.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Assess, execute and implement the new revenue recognition standard, provide technical analysis, project management and implementation support
  • Assess, execute and implement the new lease accounting standard, evaluate existing policies, and identify potential impacts resulting from implementing the new standard
  • Assess and implement the new CECL standard, provide project management, evaluate existing policies, assess data needs, and identify potential impacts resulting from implementing the new standard

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