Eric Eames to lead advanced cyber risk capabilities for CrossCountry’s clients through threat intelligence, penetration testing, and attacker simulations

August 6, 2020 (McLean, VA) CrossCountry Consulting, a leading business advisory firm, today announced that long-established information security expert Eric Eames has joined their Cyber and Privacy team, and will lead work for their Advanced Cyber Risk offering by delivering deep technical expertise across threat intelligence and modeling, penetration testing, and advanced attacker simulations. With a specialty in innovative red teaming and adversary impersonation, Mr. Eames has helped numerous corporations improve their security strength against today’s most advanced cyber threats.

With over 20 years of experience managing dynamic and challenging cyber risks, Mr. Eames will provide highly technical cybersecurity services to help CrossCountry’s clients understand how they are being targeted by advanced cyber attackers, finding their vulnerabilities, and develop optimized strategies for improving their overall security presence. The firm currently provides executive advisory, strategy and transformation, privacy and data protection, cloud security, and cyber risk management services in focus areas such as threat intelligence, insider threat, and cyber attack simulations.

“Eric serves as a great cornerstone for our rapidly growing Cybersecurity and Privacy practice,” said Dave Kay, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CrossCountry Consulting. “This is an unprecedented time for the role of cybersecurity and recovery. Eric will be instrumental in driving strategy and response to security challenges, and his addition to the team firmly establishes our commitment to provide highly technical cybersecurity services for clients.”

“CrossCountry’s unique approach to cybersecurity is designed to help companies protect themselves from attack,” said Eric Eames. “These services help customers understand the real-world threats to their systems, and how to respond to these threats. I am excited about this opportunity and I look forward to leading our advanced attacker simulation, threat intelligence, and threat modeling services.”

Mr. Eames was an early employee of FusionX where he served as the Red Team Lead for over seven years providing advanced red teaming services to a wide array of Fortune 500 customers across the financial services, energy, hospitality, telecommunications, and healthcare/ pharmaceutical sectors. Previously, he served as a Penetration Testing Lead for a Department of Defense team that identified vulnerabilities in classified networks.

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