Helping FinTech Companies Achieve Their Strategic Goals

The rapid growth of financial technology has altered the financial services ecosystem, making it more challenging for companies to navigate the future of FinTech and banking so you can strategically position your business.

CrossCountry helps companies understand and navigate the future of FinTech and banking by helping optimize finance, accounting, and operational functions to ensure that management’s focus is on product optimization and strategically positioning their business for growth.

Enabling FinTechs to Evolve at All Stages of Their Growth

We work with FinTech companies at various stages of their lifecycle, from early-series funding through to IPO readiness and beyond.

Our experienced FinTech advisory team provides your organization with industry specialists and subject matter experts in IPO readiness, technical accounting, process optimization, cybersecurity, and risk & compliance requirements.


We focus on standing up the critical financial, operational, and technology-related functions of your business as it continues to scale.


We assess your company’s readiness for going public and implement the organizational and operating infrastructure changes needed to be publicly traded. This includes SOX compliance, technology and process enhancements, and registration statement preparation.


We will continue to provide ongoing support to ensure you meet all regulatory compliance and periodic filing requirements, as well as continuing to help your company grow and scale effectively.

How We Can Help

  • Scalable Compliance: As your business grows, we provide scalable solutions to remain compliant with all requirements, including GDPR, KYC/KYS, ISO, and SOC 2.
  • CFO Services: To navigate through complex financial and accounting environments, we deliver scalable and flexible accounting, financial reporting, and audit support solutions.
  • Integrate Without Delay: Instead of creating workarounds, we integrate scalable solutions to ensure ecosystems deliver a seamless platform and interface.
  • Security for Peace of Mind: By implementing the right cybersecurity solution, we help to protect PII, PCI, and company data, facilitating a growing, thriving business.
  • Value-Added Data & Analytics: As your infrastructure grows, we help you stand up a data governance program and establish policies and procedures.
  • Strategic & Analytical Insights: In order to assist with driving core business value, we help manage the key data that drives strategic and operational decision-making processes, differentiating you from market competitors.
FinTech Consulting Services
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Blockchain and Digital Assets

We provide blockchain and digital asset services across Accounting Advisory, Business Transformation, Risk and Compliance, and Cybersecurity.


Service Offerings

Audit Readiness and Technical Accounting Support >

We help to stand up your Finance team through simplification of processes, technical guidance, and assistance.

IPO & SPAC Readiness >

We help assess your company’s readiness for going public and implement the organizational and operating infrastructure changes needed to be publicly traded.

Cybersecurity >

We help support your company by guiding and informing leadership on cyber risks, trends, strategy, and regulatory focus.

Finance and Operational Transformation >

We help to enable organizational, process, and technology improvements to optimize finance, HR, and other corporate functions.

Risk and Compliance >

We help your business improve the way it manages business risks and addresses complex compliance requirements.

Intelligent Automation & Data Analytics >

We help support your business and risk management functions through the delivery of emerging automation and data capabilities and related advisory services.

FinTech Case Study

Learn about how we helped a high-growth FinTech company with CFO support services & IPO readiness, within 12 months of going public.

Meet Our FinTech Leadership Team

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