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We support the evolving priorities of the government services, aerospace, and defense industry by implementing the latest digital technologies to help clients meet and exceed industry standards.  The heavily-regulated Government Contracting industry drives companies to prioritize compliance at the expense of efficiency. The focus on compliance often detracts from investing in and optimizing the efficiency of functional areas such as program finance and contracts administration. While remaining compliant is critical to Government Contractors’ businesses, many of them are bogged down by heavily manual processes, outdated systems, and a general lack of agility in decision making. We have broad experience helping Government Contractors take a fresh look at their operations, modernize and optimize their processes, and leverage leading practices, all while maintaining the necessary compliance vantage point. 

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With heavy scrutiny driven by regulatory bodies, Government Contractors require business systems to not only aid in driving compliance throughout organization, but also enable effective business processes and drive performance. We help our clients evaluate their business application ecosystems to leverage more out of their existing systems and identify gaps and opportunities based on leading industry platforms while providing the support to plan and execute transformation through our expertise in software deployment, data conversion, project management, and change management.

Navigating enterprise changes to key functions of government contractors require rigor in ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies while also maximizing the efficiencies and benefits that change can bring. We provide strategic guidance and tactical support in planning for and executing transformation to achieve optimal performance in areas key to success in Government Contracting such as Contract Management, Resource and Personnel Management, and Revenue Recognition Optimization


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Cybersecurity risks continue to grow as threats become more sophisticated and regulatory responses across the globe develop in turn. We support our clients to be forward thinking in tackling these challenges through the adoption of industry specific frameworks like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mandated regulatory requirements such as NIST SP 800-171 and the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.


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Data management and business intelligence to process efficiency, automation and analytics are more critical than ever as competitive advantages for government contractors. We empower our clients through optimization of data management and reporting frameworks as well as enabling massive efficiency gain through automation of key processes such as contract and project setup.


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