Future Ready Procurement & Supply Chain

The importance and role of the procurement and supply chain functions have evolved, causing CEOs and CPOs to revisit their strategy in order to continue to create competitive advantage, mitigate risks, and drive enterprise growth. Digital roadmaps have been fast-tracked to respond to increasing external threats, social and environmental impacts, and a need to rapidly reduce costs to increase efficiency and data insights while maintaining security of supply. CrossCountry’s Future Ready Procurement and Supply Chain delivers the tools and insights to guide you along your transformation path and ensure readiness for the future.

Tasked with helping their organizations develop a competitive, sustainable, and unique advantage, CPOs are facing these top challenges:

  • How do I deliver on increasingly aggressive cost reduction targets and ensure benefits hit the bottom line?
  • What is the right mix of existing and emerging technologies to deliver and scale for the future?
  • How do we manage, monitor, and mitigate supplier risks and cyber threats?
  • How do I answer the increasing external and internal regulations and objectives on environmental, diversity, and social issues?
  • Do I have the right people, structure, and skills to navigate a digital future in procurement?

Helping Procurement and Supply Chain Organizations Optimize Value

We have extensive experience helping clients reimagine their procurement function to create a competitive, sustainable, and unique value advantage. Our collaborative, flexible, and holistic Future Ready Procurement solutions deliver hard-dollar savings and leverage the right technologies to enable data-driven, exception-based ways of working. Through our approach and tools, this solution delivers efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility in the supply chain.

CrossCountry Consulting helps to deliver:

  • A digital platform that supports your strategy, increases efficiency and automation, reduce costs, and enhances the process controls.
  • The value and business case associated with transforming your procurement and supply chain function.
  • A consistent, standardized process that improves internal customer satisfaction and provides a better user experience.
  • An efficient, skilled workforce to deliver on the demands of the future.

Business Driven Solutions

A rapid assessment to understand your organizational readiness and the associated value in transforming the procurement and supply chain function. We address the people, process, and technology capabilities and opportunities to evolve your function and prepare a roadmap and business case to ensure a positive return on investment.

Analyzes spending and provide bottom-line savings opportunities with the associated roadmap to deliver quick wins and longer-term, sustainable savings.

Developing a comprehensive systems strategy is critical to every company’s continued success. Companies must be able to find and implement the right software to execute that vision. The variety of software available in today’s marketplace requires a thorough, structured, and unbiased decision-making process to ensure all requirements are properly assessed.

With more than 450 implementations across most sectors of business, we bring a highly experienced team of consultants to deliver the leading procurement cloud technology and enable your strategy.  We also have an intelligent automation team to extend the capabilities of technology, leveraging RPA and Machine Learning to deliver additional efficiencies and data insights.

Our PPS provides managed services to monitor your procurement systems and ensure stability, managing upgrades and ensuring you minimize IT costs to focus on your core business.

Enabled by Best-of-Breed Technology

Meet Our Procurement & Supply Chain Leadership Team

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