September 15, 2020

Learning from Our Journey: 4 Ways that COOs Can Benefit from Workday

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The role of the Chief Operations Officer is diverse, changing across varying industries and from one company to another. But ultimately, they are all challenged to create the best strategies to continue to move the company towards internal and external sustainable optimized growth.

Overall, many organizations struggle with reporting and data tracking in their legacy systems, and our story is no different than many other mid-sized growth companies. Over the past 10 years, we implemented a myriad of systems to meet the specific needs of our organization at that point in time. These solutions worked for a while, but as we have grown, they began to hold us back. We needed to evolve from our current processes and migrate them into one system.

Throughout this guidebook, our COO shares their specific challenges and how Workday is going to solve them with one integrated system, including:

        • Transforming, the employee, manager, and operations experience
        • Disparate learning, HR and performance management processes
        • Manual compensation modeling
        • Numerous different applications to support the enterprise

Click the image below to view our guidebook “Learning from Our Journey: 4 Ways that COOs Can Benefit from Workday”

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