November 5, 2020

Deploying Workday: Too Many Applications Result in Too Much Risk and Inefficiency

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CrossCountry’s Challenges

Because their individual departments selected point solutions to meet specific business needs, growing companies often have numerous applications that support the enterprise. Non-integrated point solutions may meet their individual requirements, but they also result in an abundance of issues.

Currently, CrossCountry has separate applications for various processes across the firm: HR and payroll, accounting, AP automation, expenses, learning and talent, recruiting, and resource management. This has resulted in increased costs and inefficiency.

In orientation, new team members are required to learn how to use several different applications that all have separate login credentials, independent user interfaces, and varying degrees of mobile readiness. For a new employee, this can be overwhelming at times.

These multiple systems also require ongoing maintenance and costs. Contracts, licensing, and support for each system is managed individually by each functional team. Because access for each new hire must be created separately in each system, the user provisioning is cumbersome. When an employee leaves the company, they must also be independently de-provisioned throughout.

For businesses of every size, data security is top of mind. Because each of these systems contains sensitive information that is governed by various regulations (i.e., the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] and the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]), there must always be additional controls to restrict a possible risk of exposure. Additionally, most of the integrations between point solutions are not automated, which means the team is required to manually enter the data among systems.

How Workday Can Help

By leveraging Workday’s Power of One platform, all of CrossCountry’s systems that are currently used will be consolidated, resulting in one core system of record.

Workday will have one data model, one user experience (including mobile access), and be easy to use. From the time someone applies for a position and continues throughout their CrossCountry journey, they will be using Workday. Leveraging the Business Process Framework (BPF), the onboarding process will be streamlined and automated.

Because Workday is a secure cloud platform and will safely manage sensitive data, there will no longer be a need to have the same information reside in multiple systems and spreadsheets. Many of the manual integrations done today to keep the data in sync will be eliminated.


To learn more, view our guidebook “Learning from Our Journey: 4 Ways that COOs Can Benefit from Workday”

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