October 15, 2020

Deploying Workday: Disparate Learning, HR and Performance Management Processes

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CrossCountry’s Challenges

People are a service firm’s most valuable asset. High-performing companies need to make sure that they are strategically supported with great tools for learning and career development.

Today, CrossCountry has separate applications for HR, Finance, Talent and Learning, and data is manually synced between these various systems. New employees are added, those who left the firm are deactivated, current reporting relationships are updated, and project assignments are kept up to date through multiple systems, all of which need to be manually integrated together.

Employee data and reviews are manually compiled to create a talent dashboard summary, a task requiring consistent updates. Managers have limited self-service capabilities, which leads to a reliance on the talent team to aggregate the data and create reports for the leaders. In this matrixed organization, it is time consuming for the talent team to effectively support reporting from multiple individuals.

Because the HR and the Talent and Learning System are two separate systems and unable to sync, it has created a challenging process for leadership to access comprehensive performance and learning information about all employees in their market or division and be able to make additional suggestions for development and career growth.

How Workday Can Help

Workday will provide one consolidated solution across HR, Talent, and Learning for CrossCountry.

Employees and managers will be able to access and evaluate the projects they worked on, view and update skills and certifications, complete performance reviews, provide feedback, and access the  learning catalog all in one place with current, reliable data. Through the Talent Dashboard, teams will be able to leverage upward assessments to ensure that the managers are receiving the feedback they need, and the service line and regional leaders will be able to view analytics describing their entire team’s talent and performance.

Enabling anytime feedback will allow colleagues to be immediately recognized when they demonstrate the company’s core values or provide great customer service. Additionally, succession planning will be formalized by identifying key positions and aligning those with appropriate successors based on their individual career goals.


To learn more, view our guidebook “Learning from Our Journey: 4 Ways that COOs Can Benefit from Workday”

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