September 9, 2020

4 Reasons Why CrossCountry Chose to Implement Workday

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Many organizations struggle with reporting and data tracking in their legacy systems, and CrossCountry’s story is no different than many other mid-sized growth companies. Over the past ten years, we have implemented a myriad of systems to meet the very specific needs of our organization at that point in time, resulting in different processes to manage resource management, accounting, human resources, performance, expenses, recruiting, and invoice approval management, as well as a number of offline processes that consolidate data to create reports or to complete certain measures.

These solutions worked for a while; as we have grown, they began to hold us back:

  1. We could not get timely and accurate information from our systems.

Our eight legacy systems simply did not talk to each other, causing our team to spend a lot of time re-keying out-of-sync data into various applications. This created significant process inefficiencies, delays in completing tasks, and inconsistent data.

  1. Not all of our legacy systems could scale with us.

We have an aggressive five-year growth strategy. What worked when we were a 500-person company will not work when we double or triple our headcount; our requirements next year will be different than today. We needed a solution that can evolve with us and change quickly.

  1. Our employees needed to interact with too many systems.

Our culture is built on our Better Experience model; we want our teammates to be able to focus on client delivery. However, our infrastructure was not aligned to that goal. In new employee orientation, our colleagues are introduced to eight different applications they need to use for their day-to-day operations. They all look different, feel different, and have a learning curve.

  1. Combined, our legacy solutions were expensive.

Each of our systems have license or subscription costs, maintenance costs, and take time away from our team to maintain. When we added up all of those costs and looked at the inefficiencies, we realized that we could do better.


Those are four of the high-level reasons we made the decision to evolve from our current processes and migrate them into one system through Workday. Their extremely flexible system will facilitate changes quickly without a lot of IT overhead, adapt as the company grows, enable us to effectively manage change, and save money.

Throughout the upcoming guidebooks, CrossCountry’s Chief Financial Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Operating Officer will share their specific challenges and how Workday is going to solve them, as well as their experiences during implementation of the Workday Human Capital Management, Financials, Prism Analytics, and Adaptive Planning systems.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.