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Application Strategy and Software Evaluation

Developing an application strategy that is comprehensive, complex and realistic is a critical effort to every company’s continued success. In addition, companies must be able to find and implement the right software to execute that vision. Our team of experts helps companies navigate these complex initiatives and provide a foundation for the future.

Insights that create value

When working with us, companies can better navigate the technology marketplace to select the right solutions that provides both immediate improvements and long-term value.

We help both small growth organizations and large multi-national Fortune 500 companies develop comprehensive application strategies that meet their current and future needs. In addition, our approach helps companies across multiple industries accelerate the decision process while reducing internal effort, resources and costs.

How We Work Together With You

Expert listeners

We listen to your team’s needs and then listen some more

Actionable Insights

We bring insights about today’s marketplace to ensure your team is well-informed in the decision making process

Repeatable Success

Our methodology has been deployed across a wide variety of industries, functions and applications

Augment Your Team

We do not impose a decision on your team, we work with you to educate and guide you through the process of making the right decision for your organization

I Am Looking For...

CrossCountry has deep experience in operational analysis. We work to create high value analysis around:

  • Current systems
  • Integrations
  • Pain points
  • Opportunities
  • Total cost of ownership

We share our insights with you to educate your team and build a targeted business case that reflects the needs of your organization

  • Marketplace technologies
  • Vendor trends
  • End-to-end cost planning

We have a robust methodology that produces valuable insights and supports the organization’s decision making process.

  • Highlights your organization’s unique and critical needs
  • Removes traditional low value add activities
  • Prioritizes your team’s time
  • Provides holistic views of technology, vendors, costs and implementation considerations

Our team leverage best practices and our deep experience to identify and address critical decision points in planning a successful implementation of the selected solution

  • Resource analysis
  • Timeline development
  • Risk analysis
  • Governance framework

Case Studies

International Non-Profit Organization
Learn about how we helped an international non-profit assess their current HR and accounting systems and how we recommended possible options

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