Supply Chain & Procurement Optimization

Drive Value Across the Supply Chain

Evolving procurement and supply chain functions are forcing CEOs and CPOs to refine their strategies for risk mitigation, enterprise growth, and competitive advantage.

CrossCountry Counsulting’s Procurement and Supply Chain practice delivers the tools and insights to guide you along your optimization path and ensure readiness for the future.

Top Procurement Leader Challenges

Tasked with helping their organizations develop a competitive, sustainable, and unique advantage, procurement leaders are facing these top challenges:

  • How do I deliver on increasingly aggressive cost reduction targets and ensure benefits hit the bottom line?
  • What is the right mix of existing and emerging technologies to deliver and scale for the future?
  • How do we manage, monitor, and mitigate supplier risks and cyber threats?
  • How do I answer the increasing external regulations and internal objectives on environmental, diversity, and social issues?
  • How do I build a more strategic, right-costed organization to deliver on my goals and objectives?

CrossCountry Consulting helps you deliver:

  • A digital platform that supports your strategy, increases efficiency and automation, reduces costs, and enhances process controls.
  • The achievable value and associated business case available by optimizing your Procurement and Supply Chain operating model.
  • A consistent, standardized process that improves internal customer satisfaction and provides a better user experience.

Optimizing the Future of Procurement and Supply Chain Organizations

We have extensive experience helping clients reimagine their procurement function to create a competitive, sustainable, and unique value advantage. Our collaborative, flexible, and holistic Procurement solutions deliver hard-dollar savings and leverage the right technologies to enable data-driven, exception-based ways of working.

Through our approach and tools, this solution delivers efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility in the supply chain that deliver:

  • Rapid cost reduction capability.
  • Real time data insights and reporting.
  • Understand social and environmental impacts.
  • Response and visibility to external threats.
  • Maintain security of supply.

Meet Our Procurement Leadership Team

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