Spend Optimization

Managing organizational spend is fundamental to the livelihood of any organization. Increasing transparency and oversight equips executives with critical information to make sound strategic investment decisions. Whether an organization is looking to curtail expenditures due to economic circumstance or preparing to launch long-term growth initiatives, understanding and controlling spend will provide the organization with its best opportunity to succeed.

CrossCountry partners with organizations to improve spend processes and enable transparency and oversight. Our solution analyzes and categorizes expenditures and provides recommendations for organizations to establish protocols to monitor, control, and realize savings.

Our Approach


Areas of Focus

We analyze the inputs and outputs of spend processes and provide tactical
recommendations that improve operations and minimize costs.

Analyze Spend

Analyze savings, opportunities, decrease non-value-added spend, and establish metrics to monitor savings

Improve Sourcing

Streamline sourcing events and establish preferred vendor programs to increase long-term cost savings

Manage Vendors

Establish a plan that focuses on improvement and maturity of the vendor management lifecycle by establishing monitoring criteria for each relationship

Streamline Invoice & Payment

Optimize invoice processing to be effective and compliant and analyze payment terms to maximize cash flow

Featured Partners

Case Studies

Real Estate Development Firm
Real Estate Development & Management Firm
Learn about how we helped our client uncover opportunities to increase cost savings, standardize disparate processes, and consolidate vendor bases to increase spend visibility and drive optimal sourcing outcomes.

Meet Our Spend Optimization Leadership Team

Spend Optimization Leadership
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