Phil Lacombe

Strategic Advisor  

Phil has more than 20 years experience leading successful cybersecurity and converged security businesses in large and mid-sized government contractors. Having been on both sides of acquisitions small and large, plus having co-founded, led and exited a very successful cybersecurity company, he also provides M&A counsel and assistance.

In April 2008, Phil co-founded Secure Mission Solutions and served as President and COO, providing electronic and cybersecurity solutions for federal customers. In 2016, he transitioned to President, COO, and CEO of STG, Inc., a publicly traded cyber security and software development firm focused on government customers. At the same time, he founded Cyber-CIP LLC to provide strategic consulting in cyber security with a specific focus on protecting critical infrastructure.

Prior to that, Phil has held senior leadership positions at several more security ventures including: President of the Information and Infrastructure Protection (IIP) Sector and corporate Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Veridian Corporation, and Vice President at General Dynamics where he lead an integrated security business line that provided physical and cybersecurity programs for US intelligence and defense agencies. He is also a retired Colonel in the US Air Force where served as a speechwriter for the Secretary of Defense, a press officer for Allied Air Forces Central Europe, leadership of a joint information bureau in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, and Director of Public Affairs for the US and Air Force Space Commands.

Phil is a graduate of the National War College, Air Command and Staff College and Squadron Officers School. He has a Master’s Degree from the University of North Carolina and a BA from the University of Massachusetts. He has served and continues to serve on a number of public and private sector boards, and served four years as Chairman of the Board of the Security Analysis and Risk Management Association.

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