Testing Management

A robust and broad testing strategy is a key component to delivering a successful technology implementation. From the design of scenario-based testing to ensure the real-life capabilities of the application to the development and execution of a test plan to address all functional areas, sub-functions and complex business scenarios – CrossCountry can support all aspects of your testing strategy development and execution.

We have found that:

  • A successful implementation requires extensive testing
  • A company’s finance, HR and planning processes will occur in a primary ERP system and in other legacy systems
  • It is imperative to be aware of and include additional processes not contained in your core ERP system
  • Your software partner is generally reliant on you, the customer team, to plan and execute these tests

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Develop a detailed testing strategy and execution plan that is granular, specific to your unique challenges and focused on all relevant system and non-system related activities
  • Document scenarios and processes across the enterprise for system, end-to-end and user acceptance testing
  • Lead the customer through all testing cycles through test preparation, execution, issue resolution and monitoring
  • Provide updates on test progress and issues via flash reports, status meetings and by working in collaboration with the implementation partner