Strategy & Selection

For the past several decades, software applications were largely on premise, limiting organizations in their choices of systems and how they were deployed. With the introduction of the cloud, the marketplace has seen explosive growth both in new vendors, functionality, and deployment methods. As a result, sifting through the numerous options to determine both a strategic roadmap and find vendors that align with the company’s priorities has become increasing complex.

When guided by the right consulting team, companies can better navigate the technology marketplace to select the right solutions that provide both immediate improvements and long-term value. We have helped both small growth organizations and large multi-national Fortune 500 companies develop comprehensive application strategies that meet their current and future needs. In addition, our approach to evaluate the wide range of marketplace offerings has helped companies across multiple industries accelerate the decision process while reducing internal effort, resources and costs.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Develop a detailed application strategy plan that is granular, specific to your unique challenges and focuses on supporting your mission critical objectives
  • Educate your team on industry trends
  • Tailor our vendor evaluation and selection process to focus on finding the solution that best addresses your immediate needs and provides flexibility for the future
  • Collaborate with you to build a business case to gain executive support and organizational consensus
  • Establish a budget for investment in new technology
  • Leverage best practices and our deep implementation experience to identify and address critical decision points in planning a successful implementation of the selected solution

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