Project Management

Coordinating all aspects and phases of an implementation along multiple workstreams and business units requires careful thought and planning. At the core of any successful technology implementation lies a well-structured Project Management Organization (PMO) or devoted project leadership.  Our project leaders develop a comprehensive implementation project plan inclusive of overall project governance and risk management protocols. We work directly for the customer in alignment with implementation and technology partner leadership to ensure a successful technology implementation project.

In our experience, we have seen that:

  • Critical decision-making requires access to timely and complete project information
  • Issue resolution and risk mitigation need to be managed from a consolidated, project-wide perspective
  • A successful implementation requires both application-related and non-applicated-related activities to be executed flawlessly
  • An efficient deployment relies on streamlined coordination between the deployment partner, client project team, and key stakeholders

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Facilitate and manage a strong project governance framework to support informed decision-making
  • Identify, escalate and prioritize key issues and project risks to ensure leadership is focused on high-risk matters
  • Develop a detailed project and communication plan documenting major milestones and critical dependencies
  • Ensure project activities are delineated between deployment partner, customer and CrossCountry