Change Management & Training

As a technology implementation partner, CrossCountry has developed offerings that augment and complement known implementation methodologies to support project success.  One of the more overlooked aspects of an enterprise software implementation is the development and execution of an appropriate change management strategy.  From the identification of key process owners and interdependencies between groups, to supporting targeted communication and training programs – we have proven methodologies and artifacts to address all of these components.

Our experience shows that an effective change management plan starts on Day 1 – inclusive of the customer’s own employees, stakeholders and even third-party vendors and clients.  And while change management has such a far-reaching impact on the customer experience pre- and post-implementation, managing the elements of the plan typically fall outside of an implementation partners’ director control – with the responsibility often falling on the client’s shoulders.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Develop a detailed communication and training strategy documenting scenarios and processes across the enterprise
  • Lead in the creation and execution of a robust multi-channel communication and training plan
  • Develop a myriad of training delivery mechanisms
  • Develop a robust hyper-care support model for the first three months in production