Over a decade after the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), organizations are still grappling with the challenges of sustaining compliance and keeping pace with changes impacted by the PCAOB inspections of audit firms.  Additionally, integrating organizational, technological, and process changes remains a challenge.  More and more, companies are seeking common-sense, sustainable solutions for SOX compliance that do not place undue compliance burdens on their business and people.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

CrossCountry helps organizations at varying levels of SOX program maturity, complexity, and resources. We partner with management to apply a business-oriented approach to SOX that achieves compliance objectives while enabling the business to remain nimble and efficient.  We recognize SOX as an opportunity for management to gain insight into finance and accounting processes and make process and control enhancements.  Ultimately, we strive to enable our clients to achieve SOX compliance in a way that provides value to the business and minimizes undue burdens and costs.

Our SOX services include:

  • SOX strategy and planning
  • SOX program implementation
  • Controls design and operating effectiveness testing
  • Controls optimization and remediation

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