Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Strategy

CrossCountry partners with its clients to develop and execute effective and consensus-driven automation strategies. As an independent advisor, CrossCountry can assist organizations with conducting a proof of concept / pilot deployment, developing an automation business case, and implementing a sustainable enterprise-wide automation strategy and governance model for scalability and effective risk management.

We support our clients through the strategic planning and implementation of automation solutions that create process efficiencies, improve reliance on controls, minimize errors and delays and help ensure regulatory compliance, often without requiring large-scale or expensive IT integrations.

As with any potential technology solution, we help our clients understand the capabilities and limitations of RPA before making recommendations about how and where it should be implemented across corporate functions.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Training: Various training options available from “Introduction to RPA for Executives” to detailed courses on how to use RPA software.
  • Strategy & Roadmap Development: Develop a strategy and roadmap for automation that looks beyond the initial deployment and establishes how automation will grow across the organization.
  • Vendor Strategy & Selection: Identify which technology partner is the best fit for the organization’s needs.
  • Data Analytics: Design reports and dashboards to capture data during and after implementation in order to empower executives to monitor and make strategic decisions.
  • Risk & Control Management: Revise risk and control strategies, assess controls, determine what information should be retained for audit purposes and advise on impacts to other risk functions such as Operational Risk, SOX and IT Risk.
  • Project Management & Change Management: Assist in developing the appropriate governance forums, communication plans and associated communications.