Data Management

Globalization, emerging technologies and a heightened need for customer sophistication have increased the pressure on organizations to develop innovative business strategies in order to keep up with trends and respond effectively. Data management enables effective creation, aggregation and storage of data, which in turn, efficiently provides high quality data to users in a cost-effective manner. A robust data management function focuses not only on data but also on the technology and operational business processes.  Organizations that harness the power of data by implementing and maintaining its data management function can gain significant competitive advantage, can respond faster to changing business environments and can facilitate as well as maintain regulatory compliance requirements.

CrossCountry helps business executives establish, or improve, a strong data management function.  Our team of data experts have deep knowledge in governance, compliance, technology, risk management and data analytics that helps you improve trust and confidence in your data, systems and processes. Our customized solutions and methodologies facilitate the management of key data elements through an efficient and sustainable program.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Identify reporting and business pain points and determine the underlying data quality issues.
  • Analyze current state architecture of data lineage and flow
  • Design the future state of an effective data management framework
  • Redesign business processes
  • Review controls around data
  • Clean existing data
  • Review data dictionary and remediation
  • Manage master and reference data