Data Governance

At a time when the volume, pace and complexity of data is growing exponentially, it is critical for businesses to have a mature data governance infrastructure that supports its overall mission and goals. In this hyper competitive landscape, business leaders rely on data to gain business insights and make significant decisions that can affect their investments, risks, regulatory compliance, financial reporting as well as their company’s future. A strong data governance program is essential to ensure that data is timely, reliable, accessible and accurate by establishing roles, accountability and processes.

CrossCountry partners with business leaders to establish a governance program that promotes the organization’s data strategy, organizational policy and supports overall business goals and objectives. Our accomplished team of data experts with diverse backgrounds in governance, compliance, technology and risk management uncover the critical governance needs and apply customized solutions and methodologies to optimize and control an organization’s data assets throughout the data ecosystem lifecycle.

How Can CrossCountry Help?

  • Define data governance strategy
  • Establish infrastructure to support key business capabilities and improve operations
  • Identify data assets
  • Baseline governance practices to mitigate risks and help to automate manual operations
  • Develop customized governance maturity model to mature an organization’s data practices towards a sustainable state
  • Design data architecture plan to include centralized data definitions and standardize structured and unstructured data
  • Prioritize data privacy and security controls against organizational data assets and governance strategy