One of the world’s leading alternative asset investment managers

Client Situation & Challenge

Our client, founded in 1987 in Washington DC, has $183 billion of assets under management across 126 funds and 160 fund of funds vehicles in corporate private equity, global market strategies, real assets and investment solutions.

CrossCountry Consulting was engaged to assist with the post-acquisition integration of acquired companies, specifically transitioning the acquired companies to the client’s general ledger system.


Our approach entailed multiple elements: preparing process documents on the client’s financial systems (PeopleSoft and Hyperion); performing a review of the acquired companies accounting data and financial reporting; collaborating with the PeopleSoft IT team in setting up the entities and their account structure; assisting the acquired companies accounting departments to map their financial statements/ chart of accounts within the PeopleSoft system; and providing PeopleSoft training and on-going support to the acquired companies accounting teams.


The development of a consistent and repeatable process / methodology created synergies within the organization and documenting this into an integration playbook that captures all the necessary steps during the various stages of an acquisition integration enables the client to integrate future acquired companies on their own.