A legal services firm with a dominant presence in Washington D.C.

Client Situation & Challenge

Our client, founded in 1983, also has an international prominence by representing clients in complex, high-stakes regulatory, litigation, and transactional matters.

CrossCountry Consulting was engaged to perform due diligence procedures on a target company which the client intended on acquiring.


CrossCountry Consulting worked closely with stakeholders to validate components of financial data; performed cut-off procedures for transactions occurring near the closing date; and adjusted initial analysis for additional items identified during the due diligence process. We also prepared the consolidated financial statements of the acquired company for the gap period between the date of the close and year end and we were able to propose adjustments necessary to convert the statements from accrual to cash basis for a smooth consolidation. Additionally, CrossCountry Consulting performed all balance sheet reconciliations to support the year end balances and created memorandums clarifying accounting issues including write offs and tax liabilities in preparation of the financial statement audit, which resulted in enormous efficiencies during the audit.


CrossCountry Consulting’s team has extensive experience in transaction support, financial reporting and audit readiness to bear. CrossCountry Consulting’s collaborative approach was essential in obtaining supporting documentation from the target company and to facilitate discussions with process owners to achieve project objectives within a tight timeline.